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About company

"Stroyka-snab" is an online hypermarket, offering a full range of quality building materials.

Our company has many years of experience on the market of building materials, and for the convenience of our customers.we opened an online market, where everyone can see the full catalog  of the offered goods, prices and the preconditions of delivery. And we ere sure this makes online shopping of construction goods more convenient.

We offer affordable and competitive prices for all base materials.

With just a call or by ordering with a click .You can buy all these materials .for quality building :

  • Wooden materials: Edged timber, planed boards,sawn beams, wedges of different size and grades for the construction of baths, houses, saunas and other wooden structures (formwork, crate,framework etc.).
  • Materials from steelSteel bar , frame, fence, water pipes and other metal structures.
  • Exterior finishing materials: An imitation of timber, lining boards, block house of larch and pine needles, artificial stone, vinyl, fiber cement and metal siding, including all fixing elements and fasteners.
  • Interior finishing materialsTimber (larch ,spruce\pine, Angara pine), plywood, chipboard, wood fiberboard, furniture boards of pine, larch and spruce. A large selection of floor and wall tiles-different manufacturers. Dry mix, adhesive and plastering materials and essential liquids, mastics and paints for wood and other materials.
  • Roofing: All types of roofing materials - flexible, composite and ceramic tile, metal and all roofing accessories. With the help of our experienced professionals fast and accurate calculation of the roof according to the drawings.
  • Gutters: Metal, plastic and non-ferrous metals, too, with a free calculation and delivery to the object .
  • Insulation: Waterproofing, insulation, vapor-proof films, etc.

Thank You for a visit . We are always glad helping  you to build nice and cheap !!!

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